Exposed: Women in Advertising

“When you look at your body in the mirror, two things occur. First, you see the body’s physical structure; its size, shape, texture, curves, and nuances – great and small. Then comes the part that’s hard to control – the thoughts and comments that swirl about our brains concerning the body in that mirror. Oh man, can those cause trouble” (Walen, 2008)!Most women bash themselves for not having a perfect flat stomach, shapely thighs or buttock, and ideal breasts. The perceptions that are perceived on television lead a lot of women on a path of immense depression and anxiety. As many as 10 million women develop eating disorders, leading to approximately 50,000 deaths per year in the United States (Walen, 2008).  So what is the best approach to deal women trying to keep up with unrealistic images? More than $50 billion are spent each year are health club memberships, and on home exercise equipment, diet pills, botox, and cosmetic surgery (Walen, 2008). In reality, all of these options to gain a sense of beauty are not successful for most women are never satisfied. The best way for women fight against the media, would be to regain a sense of control and satisfaction with their bodies. This is a life -long battle for many people, but seeking professionals who can help achieve your goals of increasing body image satisfaction. It’s about what feels right, not what looks (Walen, 2008).