Exposed: Women in Advertising

Society Says

From a sociological standpoint the portrayal of women in T.V. commercials and magazines is very negative. Women are  highly sexual, extremely motherly, or seen in a very stereotypical way. They are never seen in strong advertisements it's always something about cleaning, being pretty and being motherly. Women are always in the backgrounds or they are placed in ads to help men.
This not only affects women but it also an effect on young girls as well. They will grow up thinking it's okay to be very sexual or that it's okay to be behind men. It also has an impact on body image and self-esteem. Being exposed to images of young thin women on T.V. and in magazines gives young girls a false image of beauty.The store Abercrombie and Fitch only likes to hire girls who look are thin, long blonde hair, and have blue or green eyes. Most of their female employees need to look like the models in their magazines. This helps to reinforce the whole idea of thin is in (Harbin 1).  They feel obligated to look like the models and if they don't then they begin to judge themselves, and that is when anorexia and bulimia become a problem. Chanelle Harbin calls it the monkey see monkey do effect (Harbin 1).
If T.V commercials and magazine ads continue to be stereotypical then what will become of women. Because now women are making their own money, raising families by themselves, and becoming stronger and less dependent on men. The ads are setbacks for those women, because although women have come so far they are still seen as house cleaning sex kittens.