Exposed: Women in Advertising

Effects of the Media

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“Despite the progress that has been made there is a long way to go, both in the quantity of media representations of woman and in their quality” ("Media and women," 2010). In general, “girls and women are motivated by love and romance, appear less independent than boys, and are stereotyped according to their hair color – blonds fall into two categories, the “girl next door” or the “blond bitch,” while redheads are always tomboys – they are nearly always conventionally attractive, thinner than average women in real life, and heavily sexualized” ("Media and women," 2010). As young girls become teenagers, many choose to ignore the media, but others maintain a steady hunger for these messages. Those who continue to consume media images are strongly influenced "by stereotypical images of uniformly beautiful, obsessively thin and scantily dressed objects of male desire. And studies show that girls who are frequent viewers have the most negative opinion of their gender” ("Media and women," 2010).